Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pantyhose Morality

I've had some interesting conversations recently on the topic of morality.  This topic comes up whenever anyone that values my opinion asks me if the manner in which they are behaving is right or wrong.  Clearly one would have to value my opinion to ask such a question, but regardless of the value hanging on my response I refuse to respond.  

The question of personal morality, or more simply put what is right vs. wrong for you as an individual, is a deeply personal thing, and while I can be a very opinionated person I refuse to cast my opinions on others.  I prefer to take a non-judgmental stance deferring judgement to that inner voice that resides within each of us.  

If only society would be so kind.  Societal norms will pick apart your personal morality and throw it back in your face.  In fact, when one person asks another "do you think what I am doing is wrong?", they are really asking for an interpretation relative to societal norms.  The question might better be phrased "do you think what I am doing is wrong in the eyes of most people?".  If you're asked such a question your judgement is clearly valued, but it is your judgement and interpretation of what is socially moral that is at the heart of this inquiry.

Those of us living a pantyhose lifestyle already reside within a fringe segment of society, so society be damned!  Listen to your inner voice and decide for yourself what fits with your own personal morality.  Consider this example.  On the morning after a party where you might have had one too many, did you ever wake up asking yourself "did I offend anyone"?  Alcohol can often loosen inhibitions and our tongues.  Did you say something you shouldn't have?  Your inner voice is doing some fact checking there and your inner voice can help guide you in advance as well. 

Should you wear pantyhose in public?  Let your inner voice check the facts.  How would you feel if noticed by... a coworker, a child, a senior citizen, your mother?  If these situations would make you uncomfortable, then perhaps wearing pantyhose in public doesn't fit well with your personal morality.  What about stealing pantyhose from your neighbor's washing line?  It might feel very exciting while partaking in the act, but how do you feel afterwards?  Do you discard and never want to see those hose again or is it still thrilling to have them?  Do you think the neighbor is complicit in tempting you?  That could certainly stir a thrill, but is she really or do you just hope that she is?  All these questions are for you to consider and decide for yourself whether the activity is right or wrong.

Pantyhose Share Club is a place where you can socialize with others living a similar lifestyle and debate questions of morality and virtually any topic of interest.  We maintain an open and honest environment free of judgement so you can feel comfortable expressing the person you are. 

We accept you because you're one of us, regardless of how skewed your personal morality might be relative to societal norms.  People on the fringe of society don't use societal norms as a yardstick, we create our own personal baseline.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pantyhose Mystery

Do you embrace the mystery or are you tormented by it?  If you are compulsively addicted to pantyhose then you know the mystery I am referring to.  We all ask ourselves the question "why am I like this?" and few of us have answers.  We recognize in ourselves that compulsive behavior which sets us apart from the general population, and we now have a place in Pantyhose Share Club where we can congregate and identify with others that also recognize this behavior in themselves.

I'm often asked if I understand the reason why we are like this, and I frequently regret that I don't have any answers.  I've dedicated the past few years to developing the club concept and the web space we now call our "pantyhose home", and I've dedicated a fair portion of my life over the past couple of decades to seeking a deeper understanding of pantyhose addiction within myself and others.  I have learned that an introspective nature is a key characteristic often exhibited by those living the pantyhose lifestyle.  I am grateful for that.  I've also learned that lacking answers, many of our peers turn to drastic measures of abstinence and self denial attempting to rid themselves of behaviors that most, in or out of fetish circles, would label an extremely mild fetish. 

There's nothing wrong with trying to turn your life around; if you smoke - try to quit, if you ignore your children - try to be a better parent, but it is mentally grueling to try and fail.  In my experience, repeatedly trying and failing to abstain from pantyhose is a vicious cycle that many introspective, well-intentioned pantyhose lovers fall into.  The binge and purge merry-go-round - abstinence leading to desire and indulgence leading to guilt - traps many who live this lifestyle.  If only we could understand why we are like this, perhaps we could develop strategies that are more effective?

I've just begun my 5th decade living the pantyhose lifestyle and I still do not have any clue why I am like this.  I have no answers, but I can offer a simple strategy and I believe it is effective.  The old saying goes, hold your friends close and hold your enemies closer.  If you are struggling with your pantyhose lifestyle and tormented by not understanding why you are "different", embracing the mystery can help.  Acceptance of self is a necessary first before we can accept others, and accepting your pantyhose fetish as a part of who you are without knowing why is key to moving into a richer more fulfilling phase of your life.  I know this because I've lived it and I share it with you because I accept you for who you are, complete with all your faults and fetishes.

Embrace the mystery of your pantyhose lifestyle and improve your life in the process!

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Pantyhose

Easter is a time for rebirth and renewal and I'd like to also use it, and encourage you to use it, as a time to reaffirm our commitment to the pantyhose lifestyle.

Pantyhose Share Club is fast approaching it's second birthday and after nearly two years running the website, I admit I'm growing weary.  It's a lot of work to run a website and the more popular the site becomes, the more work I've had to do to maintain it.  But the pantyhose lifestyle is much greater than a website and it's much greater than me as an individual.  Our pantyhose community is an incredibly large and diverse group of people, many of whom have not even heard about Pantyhose Share Club.

I feel connected to this community in a way that transcends all boundaries of gender, age, sexual preference, nationality, etc.  If you feel drawn to pantyhose in some mystical and magical way, an affinity towards pantyhose that you cannot seem to explain, then you are part of our community regardless of who you are, where you are or whether or not you even know we exist (hopefully you'll discover us soon!).

If you are a member of our pantyhose community, take a few moments this Easter to consider how it has enriched your life.  The satisfaction of knowing that others share the compulsive habits and addictive behaviors you've expressed with pantyhose your entire life.

Those of you that know me well know that I live a very rich and active life with an intense career ambition and a number of hobbies and interests in addition to my pantyhose-related interests.  I am, however, committed to promoting this lifestyle and affirming the validity of it for the 1000's upon 1000's of other pantyhose lovers that exist out there.  We may not be able to explain what draws us to pantyhose, but we can accept ourselves and live this lifestyle with pride, openly or privately as we so choose.

I may grow weary running our website, but I will never stop promoting our pantyhose lifestyle.   

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Pantyhose Thanksgiving

Here in the USA we're about to begin our holiday season with a celebration of the most American of holidays - Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is, and always has been, my favorite holiday.  I love the simplicity of it.  No giving and receiving of gifts and no commercial build-up, it's just about getting together with family and friends and enjoying a nice meal - our traditional Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving is also a time when we stop to recognize those things we are thankful for, and whether you live in the US or elsewhere in the world, any day is a good day to consider the things for which we are thankful.

One thing I am sincerely thankful for is our community of pantyhose lovers.  I have met so many wonderful people over the years, good people, hard working people, warm, caring people.  Pantyhose lovers to their very core are the kindest, gentlest lot I could ever hope to encounter.  The internet is a different type of social vehicle.  People don't need to be kind or caring or considerate.  When I first started connecting with other pantyhose lovers through the internet I used to find it surprising that they seemed like such nice people.  Over time I came to realize this is the norm for us.  This is a characteristic of people that possess the pantyhose gene, a characteristic of our community.

I am also thankful that many pantyhose lovers within our community choose to spend time with us on Pantyhose Share Club.  It's easy to host a website, easier still to host one for some of the most amazing people on the planet, but it's not so easy to create a culture of acceptance, understanding and tolerance that permeates the web.  We all share in the pantyhose lifestyle, in that respect we are all the same, but we all celebrate this lifestyle in different ways which means that some of us can be very different from one another.  I am forever grateful that this community is able to come together to celebrate our common love for pantyhose while we accept the individual differences that exist between us.

The US tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving descended from our Pilgrim forefathers and religious intolerance was one of the primary reasons our forefathers chose to come to America in the first place.  In a way, we're not so different from those people establishing the original American colonies.  We recognize our pantyhose addiction as different from the norm, hide it from others for fear of being misunderstood, and come together with others sharing this trait to feel accepted and celebrate our common ground.  Yep, we're just like our forefathers but we wear much better looking shoes!

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn Anxiety

Fall is here and for those of us living the pantyhose lifestyle, it's a time we can rejoice and look forward to the return of leg fashions.  It's truly a beautiful fall we're having in Chicago with warm days and cool nights and the weekend ahead looks to be just perfect.  Within the next week or two our fall color, which isn't quite so robust this year given the dry summer we had, should be at it's peak.

I wish I could say I'm enjoying this fall but as many of you already know, I'll be caught up in a reduction in force (otherwise known as a lay-off) before the end of this year, so I'm working hard right now to find a new job.  My obsessive-compulsive nature, the very thing that endears me to pantyhose and makes me a part of this wonderful community of ours, does not serve me well at times like these.  My anxiety levels rise and fall like a roller coaster and depending on the day I could be feeling quite relaxed and ready to face an uncertain future, or quite uptight and worried about that which I do not know. 

For me, these are pantyhose times.  The comfort I find in pantyhose is similar to a security blanket, a kind of grown-up, big-girl security blanket complete with the ability to walk around without a soul knowing that I need them to help keep me sane.  Another thing that keeps me sane is knowing I have the support of the Pantyhose Share Club community, and though I've not had as much time lately to devote to socializing on our website, the times I've been there I've felt nicely connected and supported by those understanding what it is I'm going through.  To all of you, a very warm THANK YOU from me.

Fall is my favorite season, so it is unfortunate that I can't really enjoy it this year.  I love the warm days and cool nights and I love to see the first frost, which is yet to come to Chicago, when it finally settles on our front lawn.  I'm sure that many of you with a keen eye for pantyhose "sightings" have been enjoying the turn of the season.  I've been too busy to notice, but I know this situation won't last forever.  I truly appreciate the comfort I find in both the pantyhose I so compulsively need and in the company I keep.  Thank you for being a part of our Pantyhose Share Club community.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pantyhose Joy

I've been experiencing a lot of pantyhose joy lately.  The kind of joy that's accompanied by an elated, light-hearted feeling that makes you feel like everything is right with the world.  And, at least for the moment, it appears as though everything is right in my pantyhose world. 

Pantyhose Share Club will soon celebrate it's 1st birthday and I'm now well past 1-year developing the site.  I love how it's turning out and I love how people living the pantyhose lifestyle are finding us in greater numbers every day.  In fact, we recently added our 3000th member!  All this contributes to the joy that I feel when I visit the site and socialize with others that share the same passion that I do.

I don't think of my pantyhose world as being separate or isolated from my real world.  It's an extension of my real life that I choose to keep private from those that know me in-person, but being able to connect and bond with other people sharing this lifestyle has allowed me to feel as though my pantyhose life is more seamlessly integrated with my real life.  Seamlessly integrated, now there's a choice of words, but I choose those words because they provide an apt description of how it feels to have two things I kept apart for so long finally come together so that I feel complete and connected.  Yes, not necessarily where you thought I was going with the word "seamless".

Maybe I'm experiencing this elated joyful feeling because we're having a beautiful summer in Chicago.  Maybe I feel this way because I'm eagerly anticipating good news from a certain potential employer that could offer a great next step in my real-life career (hoping to hear very soon!).  Life is good and there are many reasons to be joyful, but I can't think of any better reason why this feeling is washing over me lately - it's just got to be the convergence of my pantyhose life.  Finally, it's about time!

If you're reading this then you are very likely living a pantyhose lifestyle.  I hope you too can feel connected in mind, body and spirit.  Your real life and your private pantyhose life converged together as one.  If not yet, just give it time.  It's taken me years and I feel as though I'm only beginning to get there.  Pantyhose Share Club turns 1-year old, what a great beginning!

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A World Without Pantyhose?

We live in a world divided - Republicans and Democrats, Muslims and Christians, those with wealth and those without.  Sure, these groups sometimes agree to get along but divisions and differences still run deep.  If the recent survey run by is any indicator, the fashion world is also divided when it comes to pantyhose (

If you pay close attention to the arguments posed by some pantyhose cynics, you might recognize a sense of urgency typically reserved for political or religious extremists.  It's apparent that the very thought of pulling on a pair of pantyhose can cause great discomfort for some.  Discomfort to such an extent that they may wish this product banned and pulled from store shelves.  Good luck with that crusade. 

I take a more moderate view.  Pantyhose may not be for everyone, but they are for me.  I've never felt a need to be with the "in" crowd or accepted by the masses.  I do my own thing and I'm not trying to sway others to accept my point of view.  Surely there are far more important issues to rally behind, but perhaps in the fashion world this one tops the list.

The thing is, compulsive pantyhose addicts don't wear pantyhose as a fashion accessory.  This function is secondary in our world.  Our primary driver is a deep affection for and obsessive need to be connected to pantyhose.  I wish I knew why but I don't have all the answers, I just know that this is how pantyhose people think.

The survey results are encouraging since they show about 70% of respondents in favor of pantyhose making a come back.  So the fashion world appears well aligned with our world and I'm not at all concerned about waking up one morning to find a world without pantyhose.  Then again, even if the fashion world should outlaw pantyhose, I doubt little will change in the world of those living the pantyhose lifestyle.  Our little world will not be changed and I'm pleased to be a part of it with you.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pantyhose In The Closet

It's easy to be brave, bold and outspoken... on the Internet.  Standing up for what you believe in becomes more difficult with full disclosure.  Nowadays, it's quite common to lead a second life online where you're able to hide behind the screen name of your choosing.  Electricgurl, I chose it years ago but I still like it.

If anyone believes in a pantyhose lifestyle, it's got to be me.  This way of life started decades ago as a barely audible whisper, I hardly noticed it myself at first.  Over the years the outward appearance of my lifestyle hasn't changed much, but that inward whisper crescendoed into a deafening roar that I couldn't keep to myself any longer.  The Internet has allowed me to express myself to the world and proclaim this lifestyle as my own, and Pantyhose Share Club has allowed me to take that proclimation to the next level, bringing together thousands of pantyhose lovers to celebrate this lifestyle and form a community of people with similar interests.  We are pantyhose addicts and life is good!!

Those that know me, in real life or online, recognize that I'm not a shy person.  I am outspoken on many current issues, but I am a very private person and I've never been outspoken about my pantyhose fetish in my real life.  I write on this topic securely hidden behind my online name Electricgurl, and I'm as obsessive about maintaining my anonymity as I am about wearing pantyhose.  Women with this fetish are able to hide in plain sight, an ability I've been very grateful for over the years. 

Sure, I've been found out by others.  I recall a particularly painful incident in high school where I was befriended by one of the "mean girls", you know the type, and eventually confessed my obsession, in confidence, only to find this news broadcast through my school the very next day.  Girls of a certain age can be so cruel, but we humans tend to learn from our mistakes and I've been quite successful living my pantyhose life "in the closet" masked behind both my gender and a particularly feminine style.  It's so true, if you encountered me in real life you'd never guess I was an obsessive-compulsive online rebel.  Shhhh, let's keep that just between us!

Still, there's a certain discontent growing within me, it's the price I pay for leading this double life.  It's difficult to live two sets of values.  I may be able to dress as I please, at home or out in public, but I live my pantyhose life in the closet.  Online pantyhose community organizer, check!  Real life pantyhose activist?  Maybe not, at least not for now.

If you live your pantyhose life in the closet or out, Pantyhose Share Club is a place for you.  A place where you can gain the support and freindship of like-minded individuals expressing themselves and their lifestyle openly and honestly.  We are brave, bold and outspoken... on the Internet, and we are good pantyhose people on both sides of life.
I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Pantyhose Touch

I'm often asked what is my favorite thing about sex, as if I were some sort of authority on this topic.  I know pantyhose and my entire lifestyle revolves around them, and even though it seems our popular culture identifies with pantyhose more as an erotic undergarment as opposed to a fashion accessory, this does not make me an authority on sex.  Still, once such a question is asked the person asking awaits an answer, and as you might expect, I do have an opinion, so what is my favorite thing about sex? 

The answer is very simple, "touch".  I always assume that this answer is disappointing because I also assume that the person asking would like to hear about some kinky contorted sexual position or that my husband and I integrate pantyhose into our love-making in some unique and extravagant way.  The truth is we're just regular people with regular lives, just like you, and our sex life is also quite regular, which is not to say it is boring or mundane, just regular.  But when I think of what I enjoy most about sex, it's the passion that can erupt with just one touch that really makes my knees weak. 

Have you ever glanced at your partner across a crowded room and observed that knowing look that tells you there will be fireworks tonight?  I know that look, I've seen it many times, but there's still no sure thing until you connect with that first touch.  That's the threshold leading to the promise of a wonderful evening (or morning, or afternoon, as the case may be!).

Wearing pantyhose is an intimate experience because they literally touch every square inch of you from the waist down.  Don't misunderstand where I'm going with this, I'm not trying to say that the "touch" of pantyhose against my skin is anywhere near as exciting as the "touch" of my partner, but given my pantyhose addiction, I do find the touch they provide to be intoxicating.  This is especially true when I'm wearing pantyhose received as an intimate gift, and there is no finer gift to give a pantyhose girl.  The feeling of premium seamless hose wrapped against my feet and taught around the tips of my toes, that's a foot massage all day long.  Ankles and calves enveloped in fine satiny luxury, not to mention knees and thighs, here the tender touch begins to imitate a partner, provided my imagination is running in that direction.  The hugging touch of pantyhose around my waist, hips and between my legs can truly be arousing at times, and a firm grasp of the waistband and pull up motion certainly assures this. 

No, I won't tell you that the touch of pantyhose has the same effect on me that my partner's touch has, but being a lifelong pantyhose addict, it sure does come close.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Characterizing Pantyhose Consumerism

Note: These November 2011 survey results are also published on  Visit our site to review survey results and participate in our latest survey.  New surveys start on the 1st of each month - 

Pantyhose lovers are consumers and, just like anyone else, we spend money on the things we love. But as with other addictions, pantyhose addiction can drive us to over spend or sometimes spend more than we can afford.  The aim of this survey is to identify how our community of hose lovers tend to spend on pantyhose-related purchases and whether or not our collective spending is driven by our addiction to out of control proportions.


Total number of respondents = 45

Gender of Respondents

Age of Respondents

The survey results show that the bulk of our spending is on apparel purchases. Pantyhose and other clothing items such as shoes, dresses and skirts to be worn with and to compliment our wearing of pantyhose. The majority of us spend nothing on pantyhose entertainment. The survey results show a small propensity to subscribe to a paid pantyhose website on average about 1-month per year, but overall very little of our spending is directed towards entertainment.
The majority of self-proclaimed pantyhose addicts taking our survey indicated that their pantyhose spending is under control and within their financial means. About 20% of us over spend on pantyhose-related purchases, indicative of our obsessive behavior with repsect to pantyhose in general. A very small number within our community (in this case, only 1 survey respondent) are spending beyond their means to satisfy their pantyhose addiction. Unlike drug and gambling addictions which often lead to financially destructive habits, pantyhose addiction does not seem to exhibit the same destructive tendencies within our community.

Spending Self-Assessment

If you are that one survey respondent or you are reading this and recognize that your spending is out of control and beyond your financial means, we want to help. Please recognize that excessive spending and spending beyond one's means is a sign of a serious and problematic addiction. If you feel you lack the control to reign in excessive spending related to your pantyhose lifestyle, please seek help. You may also reach out to Pantyhose Share Club by visiting our website at Click 'Contact' and we will try to connect you with a qualified financial counselor that will be non-judgemental with regard to your lifestyle choices.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Characterizing Our Formative Pantyhose Identity

Note: These October 2011 survey results are also published on - 

As a community of hose lovers, it is helpful to recognize we are not unique (otherwise known as "odd"). Most others among us
have had similar experiences that contribute or lead to our obsession with pantyhose. This survey is intended to characterize the point in our lives where pantyhose became a part of us, through identifying our desire to enjoy pantyhose and through integrating pantyhose in our sexual
self expression.


Total number of respondents = 84

Gender of Respondents

Age of Respondents

The survey results show that the majority of us formed our obsession with pantyhose in our formative years - 30% under the age of 10, an age at which we have not yet formed a sexual identity, and 38% between 10 and 14, an age at which we are encountering our sexuality for the very first time.
Those with a diaphanous obsession recognize that pantyhose are not simply another article of clothing, we tend to identify with pantyhose as a part of our sexual self expression. The survey results seem to indicate that the integration of pantyhose into our sexual self expression occurred at a time in our lives when we were first forming our sexual identity.

None of us live in a vacuum. We are influenced by others and at no time is this influence more pronounced than in our formative years. The survey results indicate that our mother's influence, possibly with respect to clothing choice, greatly instigated our feelings toward pantyhose.

Primary Influencer

Whether your primary influence came from your mother or someone else, it is very likely that the person responsible for triggering your pantyhose addiction wore hose more than once per week.

Influencer Pantyhose Use Frequency

Even though our primary influencers were frequent hose wearers, most of us do not believe that this person was addicted to pantyhose.

Suspect Influencer Was a Pantyhose Addict?

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Hose

Okay guys, I think I finally understand why Halloween is your favorite holiday!  This past weekend was Halloween weekend, the weekend to party in costume, and believe it or not, Saturday night my husband and I made a rare appearance at a nightclub!

Sure, we used to go to the clubs quite often... in our 20's!!  That was many years ago.  Now it's a once in a great while thing and I honestly can't remember the last time we went out to a place I'd call a nightclub, but this past Saturday night, the perfect night for a party, we were out mixing it up with the 20-somethings!!  It was a slight deviation from plan.  We met two other couples for dinner and it turned out they wanted to go "clubbin" afterwards, so off we went on an impromptu adventure!

I wasn't wearing a costume but I was wearing hose, of course, and it was Halloween weekend so you know I wasn't the only one.  If you don't want to feel singled out for wearing, Halloween is definitely a time to wear hose.  Even I was shocked at the saturation level.  Literally every female 20-something had hose on!!  Let me say that again for emphasis... I am serious... EVERY female had hose on.  So yes, now I know why you guys want to go out on Halloween.  It was truly a sight to see, the girls were beautiful, many of the costumes were amazing and I really enjoyed seeing all the young people dancing and we jumped right in there with them because, believe it or not, we like to dance too!!

So now, the other side of the story.  I still don't like Halloween.  I know everyone is just having a little fun, and I did too, it was a really great night out, a rare Saturday night when we stayed up well past midnight and didn't fall asleep on the couch hoping to make it through a full episode of Saturday Night Live.  But I don't like the image portrayed by the girls in their costumes, regardless of how much fun they were having.  Slutty Witch, Slutty Nurse, Slutty Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.  Put on pantyhose and add the prefix "slutty" to the name of your costume.  It's degrading to the girls, but they're just having a little fun.  They won't be wearing hose once they get back to work or school on Monday morning.  The problem is, I feel degraded for wearing, because I wear pantyhose everyday and I never want to put that prefix in front of my name.  That's how I feel about the Halloween hose fix.

So you see, I am so obsessive over pantyhose I can't even enjoy the one weekend per year that everyone seems to be wearing them.  No one ever said this hose obsession of mine was going to be a joy ride, but I did enjoy myself, it was a really fun weekend.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Financial Implications of Pantyhose Addiction

I almost never walk into a department store and come out without at least one, usually more than one, pair of pantyhose.  It doesn't matter if I'm shopping for clothes or shoes, I'll usually purchase hose to compliment these other purchases.  And, of course, sometimes I just purchase hose.

Now I hope you don't find this purchasing behavior odd, I am a self-proclaimed pantyhose addict, after all, and as a result of my addiction I probably spend somewhere between 50 and 100 times more on pantyhose each year as compared to the average woman.  It makes sense when you consider the fact that I wear hose nearly every day whereas the average woman might only wear pantyhose 2 or 3 times per year.  Even though my spending makes sense for an addict such as myself, the more important question to ask is - does it make sense for my personal financial situation? 

I'm a professional person and I earn a comfortable living.  Spending $100 a month on pantyhose is both within my financial means and a logical compliment to my everyday business attire.  Now consider your spending as it relates to sustaining your pantyhose lifestyle.  You might purchase pantyhose by the dozen, subscribe to a pantyhose website or two or even compulsively purchase your spouse an expensive outfit each month to continually provide the opportunity for her to wear pantyhose when you go out.  These are all logical purchases that one with a pantyhose addiction might make.  Maybe out of the norm compared to the general population, but not odd for a pantyhose lover.

If you're spending within your means then you're likely enjoying the driving compulsion that has you perusing the pantyhose racks at Macy's for an hour or more.  Hey, I know that feeling and it is pure pleasure!  But if you're overspending, spending money you don't have, or over-extending on credit just to feed your habit, this addiction can be painful.  If you find yourself trapped in a cycle of spending beyond your means I urge you to seek help.  If you don't know where to turn, please reach out to me here > and I will try to connect you with a certified financial counselor that will be non-judgemental towards your pantyhose lifestyle.  I am committed to helping those in our community both enjoy this lifestyle and manage pantyhose compulsion, so please feel free to reach out to me.

The Pantyhose Share Club November survey will soon be released and it probes this question of personal financial responsibility with respect to our spending on our pantyhose lifestyle.  The results obtained from this survey will help us to understand the spending habits of others within our pantyhose community.  The aim of this, along with all the other Pantyhose Share Club surveys, is to help characterize our community so we can compare ourselves to others with a similar lifestyle making choices that might appear outside the norm but are normal for those of us with a pantyhose addiction. 

I hope you'll plan to participate in our anonymous pantyhose spending survey.  The survey opens for responses on November 1st.  Visit and click on 'More' to access our surveys.  The October survey will be open for a few more days and results from all prior surveys are available for viewing.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Obscene Pantyhose

Is it art or is it porn?  That is the question.  Unfortunately, the question is misstated.  I believe the true question is - Is it artistic or is it obscene? - but more on that later.

Porn is defined as an object that creates or satisfies an excessive desire for something, so I suppose if we all stop eating for a few days food becomes pornographic.  If only you stop eating and I continue with my normal food intake, a few days later you find food to be pornographic and I still just consider it food.  In other words, what is pornographic to you is different than what is pornographic to me because the same object might not hold the same appeal for me.

The distinction between pornography and obscenity is subtle.  Where pornography creates an excessive desire for something, that which is obscene is offensive to morality or decency.  So a pornographic object creates desire and that object is considered obscene if it is deemed offensive or immoral.  In my view, we as individuals label the objects we consider pornographic, this is a subjective determination of the individual, whereas our societal values and morals label such objects obscene, this is a subjective determination of the collective.

For the most part, our society and the values and morals of the community in which we live put both labels - pornographic and obscene - on most of what is presented within the Pantyhose Share Club galleries.  So my effort to bear out the distinction between these two terms is all for naught, right?  Not so.  I'm not addressing your local PTA here, I'm reaching out to pantyhose lovers and others with a deep interest in the pantyhose lifestyle.

The values of our community are likely more liberal than those of the larger community in which you live, so I believe it is important for each of us to understand the distinction between these terms.  Not so we can pose a more learned argument in an attempt to sway the opinion of others or convince them that our love of pantyhose and images portraying pantyhose are moral, but so we can understand and be more accepting of the subtle differences among others within our pantyhose community. 

I find pantyhose in and of themselves to be pornographic because, by the very definition of this term, pantyhose hold a very strong appeal for me.  If you're reading this, then I suppose you might feel the same way.  I don't find pantyhose to be inherently obscene but I admit that I consider some of the images appearing within the Pantyhose Share Club galleries to be obscene.  I am accepting of the differing tastes and opinions of others, so I don't bar this material from appearing on our site, but you've probably noticed that I do protect the general public with warning signs upon initial entry to the site because I realize that not everyone wants to be exposed to this type of material.

Each of us must define for ourselves what is pornographic to us.  For me, that includes nearly any image of a woman or man wearing pantyhose, and this label applies primarily because of the extraordinary obsession that this diaphanous covering holds over me.  I don't find these images objectionable, on the contrary, these images are very pleasing to my eye so I label them artistic.  If viewing pantyhose images causes you to get an erection or otherwise stimulates you sexually, then it is very likely you consider these images pornographic.  Whether or not that same reaction also leads you to believe these images are obscene is a wholly separate matter, motivated more by your perceptions of morality when such feelings stir inside you.

If we are both obsessively drawn to the same image, then that image can clearly be labeled pornographic for both of us.   If you are uncomfortable with the feelings that stir within you as a result of viewing that image, then you likely label the image obscene whereas I call it art.  Regardless of the various labels placed on these images, I am pleased to bring our Pantyhose Share Club community together to celebrate them and I am comfortable both with how they affect you and how you label them.  Be it art or be it obscene, it is all porn and it is all worth celebrating.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.