Monday, July 25, 2011

Adoring Pantyhose

A friend of mine recently asked if I appreciate adoring glances from men checking out my legs.  My answer to that question is, what's not to appreciate?  One of the reasons I started wearing pantyhose frequently was the recognition that men (well, boys at the time) appreciated and paid more attention to me while wearing them.  That made me feel good for wearing them (a psychological sensation), it wasn't until years later that I came to appreciate that pantyhose simply felt good on me (a tactile sensation).

Years have passed since I dressed up to impress the boys at school and I've been married for many years now, but the thrill from an adoring glance never really goes away (yes, even an adoring glance from my husband!).  But we all do change some as we get older and I'm no exception.  I'm less of a tease now than I was when I was younger.  In fact, I purposely try not to tease men at work or other captive audience situations because I've come to feel that it's not really fair to them.  That means I won't dangle my shoe while sitting in a meeting, something I used to do on purpose years ago while casually scanning the room to watch for reactions.  The same goes for crossing and re-crossing my legs.  If you're a leg lover (and you probably are!), you know these simple leg tease techniques and I'm sure they catch your attention when you're in a room where someone is employing them.  You can probably appreciate the teasing effect, but in my workplace these days I'm more concerned with how people perceive my professional contributions, so that's the biggest reason I've stopped the teasing play.

So now a question for you... I mentioned above that I feel it's not fair to tease men at work.  That's just my opinion and obviously my opinion has changed over the years.  What's your opinion?  Do you feel it's fair to tease in the workplace?  Do you appreciate being teased in the workplace or is that best saved for other settings?  Please comment and discuss!

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  1. Being a "legman" or connoisseur if you will, I appreciate the candid tease more than the purposeful tease. Some women are so into whatever is in front of them, the magazine, or computer or work task, they sometimes don't realize that they are dangling or crossing! That is my heaven, that is what I love! I respect your desire to let your performance speak for you and now your physical attributes... Keep wearing your pantyhose for your personal pleasure Electricgurl, and I will follow! :)

  2. I don't know why, this is a tough one for me...I also like the "candid tease" when a woman doesn't fully realize that she looks sexy and is turning a guy on, like the touching/rubbing of a hosed leg while reading. But I also dated a woman a few months who I worked with and while she would not wear hose but stockings for me, she would tease me with pulling her skirt up a little, or through a slit show me her stocking tops. THAT was sexy as hell because it was at work, but she was doing it just for me.

    I think candid or not, during these times when it seems not as many women wear anymore, ANY women simply wearing in the workplace is good enough for me! If she teases, all the better.

  3. So the question is, how can you tell if it's a candid tease or a purposeful tease? I used to be pretty good at both dangling that shoe and scanning the room to see if it was being noticed, all the while making it appear candid. No one ever asked, but if they did I'd never disclose I was doing it on purpose. These days I may dangle without thinking about it, or cross and re-cross once in a while unknowingly, it's not for teasing anymore, and I'm not scanning the room like I once did, so maybe I'm attracting more now than I ever did? Who knows! J.

  4. If you have the equipment, be a tease. Let the others be jealous of your gorgeous gams. Why is it Hooter's does so well.


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