Thursday, July 21, 2011

Are You a Pantyhose Geek?

So you're addicted to pantyhose, but are you a pantyhose geek?  I'm addicted to pantyhose but I am not a pantyhose geek.  Don't get me wrong, I am plenty geeky.  If you've been following my posts and the developments of the website, then you know I'm a computer geek.  Guilty as charged!  But being a computer geek does not automatically qualify me as a pantyhose geek, regardless of how much I love pantyhose.

So what characteristics define a pantyhose geek? Well, you might be a pantyhose geek if you've ever done any of the following things:
  1. Pulled pantyhose over your head.
  2. "Borrowed" pantyhose from a dirty laundry pile to play with them.
  3. Buried your face in a pair of dirty pantyhose and inhaled deeply.
  4. "Borrowed" pantyhose from the underwear drawer of your mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, or anyone else you know.
  5. Stolen pantyhose from a store or the aforementioned underwear drawers (this is "borrowing" without returning).
If you've ever done the activity described in item 5 you are a special type of pantyhose geek - a criminal pantyhose geek - and I strongly advise against such criminal activity.  If you've ever done any of the activities described in items 1 - 4, just because these things are geeky doesn't mean they are bad.  To label them as bad would mean I would have to label my computer geekiness as a bad thing.  It's not. 

You might say that to engage in any of the above activities (yes, even #5) qualifies you as a particularly inspired pantyhose lover and that can only be a good thing.  Please notice my non-judgemental stance on this issue.  Who am I to judge someone that's inspired over the same thing that inspires me? 

I presume that if you've ever been caught "borrowing" pantyhose, or if mom or sis or wife or girlfriend accidentally walked in on you while playing with pantyhose, you might have been instantly judged.  If you've ever been in that kind of embarrassing situation, please take heart.  Put it behind you and continue to enjoy and thrive on the pantyhose lifestyle that is a part of you.  I, for one, will remain non-judgemental and always understanding of those that are afflicted with a pantyhose compulsion.  It makes no difference to me how you carry on with your obsession, provided no one is hurt and you stay within legal boundaries.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.



  1. I guess by your definition I am a "geek"... I've never thought about item #1, that just doesn't appeal to me. However, items 2-5, guilty. When I started to realize the consequences of my desires, I stopped pillaging drawers, rather focusing on pantyhose / nylons of any type that had been discarded due to ladders, snags etc. I can't lie, I miss those days...


  2. I am a geek; if that is what Electricgurl says by her definitions, then I am. Not a criminal one, but a pantyhose geek. A big one.

  3. Hi Legfan & Nylonfan, thanks for standing up and being counted! Geeky or not, I count you as friends. Thanks for being a part of our pantyhose community! J.

  4. Hmmm, interesting thought. If estrus is a human scent, the hormones will have a conscious effect on your own initiative of "The scent of a Woman"


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