Saturday, July 2, 2011

How do you get hooked on pantyhose?

Getting hooked on pantyhose isn't something that you just decide to do one day when you wake up.  I'm sure it's different for just about everyone, but for me it took place over about 8 years.  I know now that it really got started when I was about 14, though I didn't realize it at the time.  I was interested in boys (like any 14 year old girl!) but they didn't always show interest in me.  At least the ones I wanted to show interest weren't always showing it.  Then I noticed one day, when I was wearing hose, that more guys would talk to me, smile at me, want to walk with me.  More than the day before, and more than the day after cause on both of those days I wasn't wearing hose. 

Now it probably wasn't just the hose because I was dressing up while wearing them (that was back in the days when I didn't wear hose with blue jeans!), so the guys might have been attracted to what I was wearing in addition to the hose, but I remember thinking that if they liked hose then I was going to wear hose!  Still, I wasn't hooked on wearing them because I only wore when I went to school or other places where there was a possibility to meet boys. 

It was a gradual process going from wearing hose out of a desire to look appealing to boys to finally getting to a point where I wore them everyday just because it felt right.  I was nearly finished with college and 22 at the time when a friend asked me outright (the first time anyone was ever so bold) if I was a pantyhose addict.  By then I was definintely wearing every day, not every minute of every day but for some time nearly every day, but I'd still not put that label on myself.  And you know what I did?  I denied it!  I didn't want anyone to brand me with that label so I flat out denied it.  Well, as you can see I'm not denying it any more - I am a pantyhose addict.

It's the 4th of July long weekend and a beautiful summer in Chicago!  My hub and I will be shopping for a new sofa today and we'll take a long bike ride (about 20 miles!) on Sunday.  Not sure what is shaping up for the 4th yet.  Please stop by and visit over the weekend, the site is still under constrction but it will be up and running soon!  I hope everyone enjoys a safe and happy 4th!

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  1. This site is GREAT!! I started wearing hose at a very young age, I'm guessing around 7 or 8. My aunt Tiffy thought it was funny one day when I came out of her bathroom wearing a pair of her hose. At the time I didn't know what they were, I just knew I loved the way they felt in my hands. She asked me what I was into, so I said I'm dressing like her, she laughed, and said you can wear them just be careful and not ruin them, I was happy!! As I grew older around 16 I think, I came clean to Tiffy, she knew I was wearing still but had never caught me. Until, I would stay with her on weekends most of the time, and I thought I had a good hiding place for my hose stash. But she found them, she didn't say anything to me when I arrived for the weekend. But when I went to my room to put a pair on under my jeans they were gone. PANIC!!!! Then I calmed down got my thoughts straight, I had a new pair in my bag so I put them on along with a long white T and walked out into living room were Tiffy was sitting. I sat down across from her and she just looked at me and said I was wondering if you were ever going to come out of the closet. She asked if I was gay. I told her no, that I loved girls, I just wanted to play like one too. She was totally cool. Then came my sister very late in life, she was just upset that I didn't tell her alot sooner in life.
    Thank you so much for this site. Alot of people don't understand people like us, they just think it's a sexual thing, but it's not. For me it's a true love for pantyhose and the way they make me feel.

  2. Anonymous,

    Welcome! I'm glad you found us! Your early experience with hose is very, very common among hose-loving men. Of course at age 7 you were not yet sexually active and you probably did not yet know what sex was, but there was something that drew you to hose, a comforting feeling that I'll bet stays with you to this day. This is a story I've heard many times over, with small variations, from many pantyhose-addicted men over the years.

    We know, and you do too, that you cannot simply stop this behavior, and it's not detrimental to your life (like drug addiction, for example), so there's no particular need to stop. There is a need, as I've come to realize, for our community to come together and support one another in some way, and that is the very reason why I started

    Thanks for your comment and thanks for being here!


  3. I appreciate what you've said here! Women look Great in Pantyhose. Great Legs need a great pair of hose to go with those beautiful legs to enhance the same. I'm a straight guy & just love wearing them. (Legg's). I've been doing it since I was a kid. (8). It's a weakness I'll admit. I just love to both see them & wear them.

  4. I'm reading through your back entries and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to discover this blog and commenting community. I've been a pantyhose admirer for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure when the first instance was, maybe looking at the intimate apparel section of the Sears Catalog when I was a child of the seventies. By the time I was in high school, I was driven to distraction by all the pantyhose: worn by classmates with dresses, skirts, under jeans and shorts. It was what women did in the early 80s to draw attention to themselves and more comfortably wear heels.

    In college, I had a girlfriend who wore hose constantly, even with sneakers. When I got to know her better, she showed me how she kept her pantyhose organized in a special drawer and explained in detail why she enjoyed different colors and styles. There was off-black to cast a little shadow across her leg and outline her legs and muscles. There was nude which faded into invisibility. There was white which made her look like a Greek goddess. There were odd colors like green, burgundy, yellow, or red to express how she was feeling. All were sheer and all had their own unusual personalities and functions. She wore two or three pairs a day, changing her legs as it suited her mood. She was tickled that a guy showed so much interest in her little habit and catered to me.

    Too bad we were both 19, volatile and confused. The relationship didn't last and I haven't met any women in real life who are quite as obsessed as she was. That I know of. Perhaps there are women I see every day today who are secret hosiery addicts. That's the advantage of being a woman. Such things usually pass unnoticed.

    I'm a big, tall, hairy guy who does not look good in a pair of pantyhose and doesn't get the same charge wearing them as I do seeing them on a pretty woman. I've had to drive my interests deep underground because my wife doesn't "get" my fixation, hasn't catered to it since the first few months we were together, and has even gently mocked me for it. It's something best left unsaid in my house and so I turn to the internet and to brief fleeting glimpses of stocking in my everyday routine.

  5. I'm a male who has first loved thigh high stockings, then pantyhose since I was 6 or 7. My kindergarten and first grade teachers were pretty and wore hose nearly everyday. I started wearing my moms stockings at 10, then pantyhose when I was 13. I just love the way it shapes women's legs and the feel on my skin. I always turn my head seeeing a woman in stockings. Through the years I stopped and started then wearing my wife's, but were much too small in size. I tried to suppress my addiction or fetish and would go a few years not wearing them, but still admiring my wife on them. Now in my 50's I recently had both my knees replaced after decades of running and injuries. Both surgeries over a 9 month period. The T.E.D hose after each surgery to prevent deep vein thrombosis was brutal. Such a chore to put on and take off. I actually hated stockings. Then 4 months after the second surgery, as I became more active my ankle calf and thigh were swelling. My surgeon said I had edema and prescribed compression stockings to wear. There are those made for men in khaki and black. I was fitted for size and compression level. And they were knee highs in mens style. Very comfortable. However most drug stores only have my size and compression level in the womens style. Then I noticed the knee high tops were pinching at the top just below the knee, the thigh was swelling. So I bought some compression pantyhose, and while the edema is not gone the swelling has abated. I love the feel and wear them under my trousers at work. They really help the circulation and my legs feel more energetic and less achey. My workout activity has increased. I fo get paranoid since I work with a lot of women. I tuck my shirt in so the panty waistband will not show. Because women in general are more observant worry someone will notice. My wife did not notice until I told her later. She was surprised, but as an RN glad the pantyhose were working well. Love it. Thank you Electricgirl for this site. Pantyhose should be a unisex garment. Running tights are already unisex. Why not pantyhose?

  6. The mere fact that pantyhose are a intimate article of apparel women wear simply makes it a "taboo". Everyone enjoys occasionally breaking the rules. Such outrageous compulsive behavior could have sinister overtones. Everything in moderation as they say.


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