Monday, July 18, 2011

Pantyhose At Home

So we have this pantyhose obsession.  Notice I said "we" because we're in this together, part of a community, you're not by yourself any longer.  But, if you're not finding any support at home, if those closest to you misunderstand, fail to recognize or refuse to recognize your compulsion, then regardless of how much support our little online community can offer, you're going to feel isolated and alone.  I, for one, do not want you to feel that way, and this was my primary motivation for starting

One important thing to remember is we cannot change others - you can't make your spouse want to wear pantyhose and you can't make anyone (your spouse, your boss, your friends) accept you for wearing.  There's got to be something more they are willing to accept along with your addiction.  For example, an offer for more frequent erotic interludes in exchange for wearing while playing?  Might not be a bad suggestion to offer your spouse.  What about being a super-duper get-things-done kind of employee?  Might make the boss look the other way next time he spots a nylon clad ankle during casual Friday. 

My point is, you've got to offer something in order to get something in exchange.  I know, you're thinking "I shouldn't have to work harder or make an extra special effort to be accepted for who I am."  Sorry my friend, yes you do!  In my work life I go the extra mile every time, and I do that for one simple reason.  I absolutely, positively do not want to be considered a pantyhose princess.  Actually, I can't even stand typing those words - I dislike the label that much.

Do you think that I'd be recognized on the merits of my work if it were the same quality and volume as my colleagues?  After all, I wear pantyhose nearly every day!  I think not.  There is a pantyhose bias that can be positive for those women that wear only once a month, maybe even up to once a week, but the bias becomes negative for those women that wear more often than that.  I'm not complaining about the bias, I accept it for what it is, and I should point out that not everyone is biased, but I work hard to win over those that are or that might be once they come to realize that pantyhose are part of my lifestyle, not just a part of my wardrobe.

Okay, enough about me, what about you?  If you're not publicly living a pantyhose lifestyle, if you're simply enjoying pantyhose in private, then none of the above really applies to you.  That's okay, it's still good information to be aware of if the day ever comes that you decide to go public.  And maybe you're not out in public but you're out at home and your spouse doesn't accept it.  Then go the extra mile to offer some value to the relationship in exchange for accepting your obsession. 

My spouse is not obsessed with pantyhose - he likes pantyhose, he's just not obsessed with them, and we sometimes struggle with that fine line between understanding and acceptance.  The problem with that line is there's a side of it where people misunderstand you and you feel unaccepted!  Needless to say, we cross over to the wrong side of that line from time to time.  Lately, though, I have felt so awesome about the work I'm doing to develop, mostly because I'm getting encouragement from my spouse!  Finally, I can contribute to our community and further my pantyhose lifestyle without creating waves at home!  I am thrilled!

This topic is not over yet, I will write more, but I must close this for today.  I hope you find some value in the thoughts I've tried to convey.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.



  1. If I had met you many years ago, I wouldn't have had so much stress over my addiction over pantyhose! I love the site, I love the blog, and I love looking forward to reading more every day!


  2. Nylonfan,

    I'm so glad you get it!! I was afraid I wasn't clearly making my point with this post, thanks for confirming I got my point across! You're right, it's an addiction for us, but it's not a bad addiction like smoking or alcohol, it's actually a pretty good addiction as addictions go.

    Had we met "many years ago" you might have found me to be a bit of a neurotic mess. It's taken me many years to accept me for me along with my obsessive pantyhose compulsion. I'm more mellow now and you should be too. We obsess over pantyhose, we don't need to also obsess over ourselves obsessing!

    I'm sure my blog insights don't make your life easier, but I hope you feel a part of a larger community and not so alone, because you are not alone.

    Thanks for your comment!


  3. "... we obsess over pantyhose, we don't need to also obsess over ourselves obsessing!" I couldn't agree with you more! I now consider my desire for pantyhose a great distraction from all the other nonsense that goes on in my life, both professionally and personally! I appreciate all the time and effort you put into these pages, consider me your #1 "fan"! ;)



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