Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Inspired by Pantyhose

I am inspired by pantyhose, are you similarly inspired?  For me, though, it's not the thing that's the thing.  That is to say, I do not find pantyhose in and of themselves to be particularly inspirational.  I like them, I like the way they make me look and I like the way they make me feel, but I don't find inspiration in that by itself. 

Pantyhose Share Club is starting to grow as a community of pantyhose lovers.  People bonding together around a common interest, sharing pantyhose and the spirit of pantyhose in a unique way.  This inspires me.  Bonding with others that think and feel the way I do.  Enjoying my quirks with others that don't consider my quirks to be quirks, this is a very inspirational thing. 

Our Pantyhose Share Club membership is climbing, finally!  I was starting to grow weary of developing this site only to find yet another passing week with no one finding it.  I think those days are over and I am grateful to Danvet for helping to get the word out.  Don't be shy about your pantyhose addiction, invite your similarly inspired friends to join us!

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.


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  1. Whatever happened to pantyhose ads? Legg's pantyhose and Tina Turner in ""Gentleman Prefer Hanes" Are they unmentionable?


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