Monday, August 1, 2011

Popular Pantyhose

From that title, you might think this is a post discussing the popularity of various styles or brands or colors of pantyhose, but it's not.  I'd like to discuss the popularity of pantyhose in and of themselves. 

As I see it, there is a divide along two lines: (1) those that value pantyhose as a fashion statement or for the aesthetic appeal of fashion, and (2) those that value pantyhose for erotic appeal.  Now I'm probably not truly qualified to discuss this or any of the other topics I post here, but you know that won't stop me from moving this discussion forward.  In fact, I consider myself one of those rare individuals that value pantyhose for both of the reasons I mention above, so I hope you feel that qualifies me, at least in some small way, to discuss this topic because I can consider the topic objectively from both points of view.

We know that at one time pantyhose were popular as a fashion statement, though that was decades ago.  Popularity declined and it's not seemed to return in any significant way, though the Middleton sisters seem to be creating a stir, we'll not know for some time if that will cause anything more than a blip in pantyhose sales or, more importantly, the rate at which they are spotted in public.

I assume that pantyhose popularity for erotic appeal is as strong as it ever was and maybe a bit stronger given the rarity of seeing them worn publicly.  I say this only because I believe we humans tend to grow complacent with things we see often.  Take, for example, someone that drives through the mountains on vacation compared to someone that drives through the mountains to commute to work each day.  The first person is in awe at the stunning visuals while the second person can barely see what's in front of him. 

I've noticed (and maybe you've noticed too) that there is one day of the year when pantyhose fashion statement meets pantyhose erotic art and that day is Halloween.  It's a day when you can be someone other than who you really are, so why is it that so many women choose to make that fashion statement only when they are someone other than themselves?  Being a pantyhose lover myself, you'd think I'd enjoy the Halloween holiday, it being a day when others jump on to the pantyhose band wagon.  The thing is, I don't enjoy Halloween because what I see in those women dressing up as someone else is typically an image of a hooker or sexpot nurse or sexpot witch wearing, you guessed it, pantyhose!!  I'm sure the men reading this appreciate Halloween for exactly the same reason I (and hopefully other pantyhose women reading this) do not appreciate it.

Many women, apparently even Michelle Obama, will tell you that they shun pantyhose because they don't feel comfortable wearing them.  I, for one, can attest that the tactile sensation of wearing pantyhose feels very comfortable and I enjoy wearing them, so what's going on here?  I think there's a certain discomfort that comes from wearing something that is being shunned by the mainstream and accepted by the mainstream only one day per year when those mainstreamers are dressing up as a sexpot because they can be someone other than who they really are.  The truth is that pantyhose feel great on and they compliment a tasteful outfit, anything from a cocktail dress to blue jeans, they do make me feel sexy but they don't make me feel like a sexpot whether I'm wearing them on Halloween or any other day of the year.  And I don't need to feel I'm part of the mainstream whether wearing hose becomes more mainstream or not.  I'm not trying to be a fashion icon, I just want to dress nicely and wear hose with pretty much everything!

I do hope that the Middleton's are successful in bringing pantyhose back to the mainstream, I just don't think that's going to happen.  And part of the reason why I don't think it will happen is the damage that's been done, and continues to be done, to the image of pantyhose in our society.  The mainstream is uncomfortable with pantyhose because they are viewed as a sexual device, like some kind of body wrapping vibrator toy (strange imagery, I apologize), and I think this discomfort manifests itself in a physical discomfort wearing them as a complimentary fashion accessory. 

If you're enjoying for the erotic pleasure that pantyhose images offer, in a small way you are contributing to the demise of pantyhose in the mainstream.  This is just an assumption on my part, but I believe it to be true.  And even if my assumption is correct and you're contributing to the demise of pantyhose, or holding them back from a resurgence in popularity, I don't care one bit because as I've already stated, I don't need them to be popular to enjoy how they make me look and feel.  I'll keep wearing them even if I'm the very last one.  I also don't mind that you derive erotic pleasure from pantyhose and all the pantyhose imagery you can find on and elsewhere on the net.  If you happen to also enjoy pantyhose fashion for the sake of fashion, then you truly are in a select crowd and I thank you for that.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.



  1. You know I love pantyhose pics for the eroticism and to enjoy. However, I also like pantyhose for the fashion. Today I saw two 20-something women, who were attractive, in dresses, with heels.

    Now, I know it is very hot and sticky out, but they were bare-legged, and their ugly, bright white legs were a turn off for me. If they had on ever very sheer pantyhose, HUGE difference and they would have looked so much better.

    I was leaving work, and as I was walking our of my building, what was walking toward me? A woman, probably late 20s, red top, black skirt and heels, and black pantyhose -even in this heat. She looked fantastic.

    I enjoy fashion and eroticism. Here I can only appreciate the hot, sexy, erotic photos.

  2. Totally agree. I enjoy hosiery for the fashion AND the eroticism.

  3. I like pantyhose because it's an optical illusion, transparent and transformative at the same time. A woman can appear, from the waist down, to be made of plastic, stone, a wisp of smoke, oil, or any kind of cloth or fur. It pains me that most women take for granted how magical this is and don't have the same sense of wonder that I have and, I think, many other men have whether they can express it or not.

    1. Real men don't wear pantyhose. Or do they? It shows one is in touch with their feeling for the opposite sees view. As long as you don't flaunt it. Just ask Rue Paul.

  4. It's a alternative to ordinary. With ALL THE DIFFERENT TYPES, One can make one self into something unique, sexy, silky, glamorous, hot, and definitely sumptuously smoother, and ready for something extroverted or regularly kinky or whatever.


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