Thursday, August 11, 2011

Support the Pantyhose Arts

I subscribe to public radio.  You may not, but I do.  Every year when it's pledge drive time they can count on me.  And now you're sitting there thinking, "why does she do that?"  Why pay for something that's so easy to get for free, right?  Sure, it's easy to turn on the radio and listen for free and many people do just that, so why shouldn't I?  There's one simple answer to that question... because I want it to be there tomorrow.

My desire to sustain things I enjoy doesn't stop with public radio.  I'm lucky to live in Chicago where there's a wide variety of art and cultural events and I support these by attending.  In the past I've been a subscriber to the theatre, the symphony, and this year for the very first time I purchased a subscription to the ballet.  Cool, huh?  Supporting the arts and public radio is something I do because I want to continue to live in a city that has these things.

Pantyhose art in it's most commonly portrayed form - photographs - is not something I was naturally drawn to at first, but I've come to appreciate the beauty of a shapely nylon-clad thigh with the light shining just right, or  the slight nylon wrinkle that forms just behind a bent knee.  These are some of the little things I've learned to appreciate during the last decade (ouch, it hurts to say that!) of sharing my pantyhose compulsion with Internet friends.  Friends that call those same images "pantyhose porn" only to hear me say time and time again that it is ART!

Now we could debate for hours on the art vs. porn, or more correctly stated, art vs. obscenity topic, but I'll save that discussion for a later date.  There's no debating, however, that photography is an art form and if the subject in the photograph happens to be wearing pantyhose, this particular form of art is most highly appreciated by those of us within the pantyhose community, a community that I consider quite exclusive based on my assumption that we make up just a small fraction of the total population.

So, here's my point.  If you appreciate pantyhose art, then you should take steps to sustain the artists that create pantyhose art and this is usually accomplished through a paid gallery subscription.  Okay, I think I just heard someone say "who is this crazy b!+@&", and I've been called worse, but if you are reading these words then I know that you value pantyhose art, you just haven't been asked to equate that value with actual cash value because there's so much of this art available for free.

So now stop and think for a minute, can you think of a pantyhose website that you used to love but they're no longer around?  PantyhoseKim, OhMyHose, LvLegs, those are three that quickly came to mind.  Now there are likely many reasons why these sites are no longer in operation and I've not done any research to learn why they're gone, but these are sites that at one time had a following (as in people know your name) and now they're no longer here, so I believe the basics of business finance must have been one of the factors leading to a decision to close.  Simply put, these sites stopped making money!

Now fast forward to today and think of a pantyhose website that you love.  ArtofGloss, PantyhoseLane, PavelPhoto, and Conner are just a few that came to my mind.  Do you want these artists and the art they create to disappear?  This is a niche art form with a niche following - yes, I'm referring to you and I and our fellow pantyhose lovers, you know, that tiny little fraction of the world population.  If we don't step up and support our favored art form then who will?  Think about supporting pantyhose art through a paid subscription, because you want it to be there tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.



  1. My goodness! You really have put a LOT of thought into this! I enjoyed reading your work and thoughts, and you have MANY thoughts. Then you went and gathered enough intel to construct graphs! Well, I will be coming back. I came to oggle the pictures, I admit, but you really took me aback with your depth of understanding!


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