Thursday, November 3, 2011

Characterizing Our Formative Pantyhose Identity

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As a community of hose lovers, it is helpful to recognize we are not unique (otherwise known as "odd"). Most others among us
have had similar experiences that contribute or lead to our obsession with pantyhose. This survey is intended to characterize the point in our lives where pantyhose became a part of us, through identifying our desire to enjoy pantyhose and through integrating pantyhose in our sexual
self expression.


Total number of respondents = 84

Gender of Respondents

Age of Respondents

The survey results show that the majority of us formed our obsession with pantyhose in our formative years - 30% under the age of 10, an age at which we have not yet formed a sexual identity, and 38% between 10 and 14, an age at which we are encountering our sexuality for the very first time.
Those with a diaphanous obsession recognize that pantyhose are not simply another article of clothing, we tend to identify with pantyhose as a part of our sexual self expression. The survey results seem to indicate that the integration of pantyhose into our sexual self expression occurred at a time in our lives when we were first forming our sexual identity.

None of us live in a vacuum. We are influenced by others and at no time is this influence more pronounced than in our formative years. The survey results indicate that our mother's influence, possibly with respect to clothing choice, greatly instigated our feelings toward pantyhose.

Primary Influencer

Whether your primary influence came from your mother or someone else, it is very likely that the person responsible for triggering your pantyhose addiction wore hose more than once per week.

Influencer Pantyhose Use Frequency

Even though our primary influencers were frequent hose wearers, most of us do not believe that this person was addicted to pantyhose.

Suspect Influencer Was a Pantyhose Addict?

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  1. If you are going to wear your nylons, PLEASE SHAVE YOUR LEGS! Legs that are hairy just don't look smooth, and sensuously touchable. If you can do laser hair removal it's worth it . Don't be shy. Wear those pantyhose with a sense of pride. Believe me women enjoy caressing your male nylon clad legs too. The fetish is a turn on for them. Buy them all the outfits they want. Go shopping together. It's fun.

  2. "nylon"and Spandex make up 97% of pantyhose. Plastic might be a better term. Real silk hosieru is rare. Tights on one's legs denote ski ware,football pants and some forms of gym ware. Wearing pantyhose itself has merit, but they will be a fetishistic garment if used as a aid or to look to further a endeavour. Not always a DSM V code in the APA's Manual of Psychiatric Disorders


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