Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Financial Implications of Pantyhose Addiction

I almost never walk into a department store and come out without at least one, usually more than one, pair of pantyhose.  It doesn't matter if I'm shopping for clothes or shoes, I'll usually purchase hose to compliment these other purchases.  And, of course, sometimes I just purchase hose.

Now I hope you don't find this purchasing behavior odd, I am a self-proclaimed pantyhose addict, after all, and as a result of my addiction I probably spend somewhere between 50 and 100 times more on pantyhose each year as compared to the average woman.  It makes sense when you consider the fact that I wear hose nearly every day whereas the average woman might only wear pantyhose 2 or 3 times per year.  Even though my spending makes sense for an addict such as myself, the more important question to ask is - does it make sense for my personal financial situation? 

I'm a professional person and I earn a comfortable living.  Spending $100 a month on pantyhose is both within my financial means and a logical compliment to my everyday business attire.  Now consider your spending as it relates to sustaining your pantyhose lifestyle.  You might purchase pantyhose by the dozen, subscribe to a pantyhose website or two or even compulsively purchase your spouse an expensive outfit each month to continually provide the opportunity for her to wear pantyhose when you go out.  These are all logical purchases that one with a pantyhose addiction might make.  Maybe out of the norm compared to the general population, but not odd for a pantyhose lover.

If you're spending within your means then you're likely enjoying the driving compulsion that has you perusing the pantyhose racks at Macy's for an hour or more.  Hey, I know that feeling and it is pure pleasure!  But if you're overspending, spending money you don't have, or over-extending on credit just to feed your habit, this addiction can be painful.  If you find yourself trapped in a cycle of spending beyond your means I urge you to seek help.  If you don't know where to turn, please reach out to me here > and I will try to connect you with a certified financial counselor that will be non-judgemental towards your pantyhose lifestyle.  I am committed to helping those in our community both enjoy this lifestyle and manage pantyhose compulsion, so please feel free to reach out to me.

The Pantyhose Share Club November survey will soon be released and it probes this question of personal financial responsibility with respect to our spending on our pantyhose lifestyle.  The results obtained from this survey will help us to understand the spending habits of others within our pantyhose community.  The aim of this, along with all the other Pantyhose Share Club surveys, is to help characterize our community so we can compare ourselves to others with a similar lifestyle making choices that might appear outside the norm but are normal for those of us with a pantyhose addiction. 

I hope you'll plan to participate in our anonymous pantyhose spending survey.  The survey opens for responses on November 1st.  Visit and click on 'More' to access our surveys.  The October survey will be open for a few more days and results from all prior surveys are available for viewing.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Obscene Pantyhose

Is it art or is it porn?  That is the question.  Unfortunately, the question is misstated.  I believe the true question is - Is it artistic or is it obscene? - but more on that later.

Porn is defined as an object that creates or satisfies an excessive desire for something, so I suppose if we all stop eating for a few days food becomes pornographic.  If only you stop eating and I continue with my normal food intake, a few days later you find food to be pornographic and I still just consider it food.  In other words, what is pornographic to you is different than what is pornographic to me because the same object might not hold the same appeal for me.

The distinction between pornography and obscenity is subtle.  Where pornography creates an excessive desire for something, that which is obscene is offensive to morality or decency.  So a pornographic object creates desire and that object is considered obscene if it is deemed offensive or immoral.  In my view, we as individuals label the objects we consider pornographic, this is a subjective determination of the individual, whereas our societal values and morals label such objects obscene, this is a subjective determination of the collective.

For the most part, our society and the values and morals of the community in which we live put both labels - pornographic and obscene - on most of what is presented within the Pantyhose Share Club galleries.  So my effort to bear out the distinction between these two terms is all for naught, right?  Not so.  I'm not addressing your local PTA here, I'm reaching out to pantyhose lovers and others with a deep interest in the pantyhose lifestyle.

The values of our community are likely more liberal than those of the larger community in which you live, so I believe it is important for each of us to understand the distinction between these terms.  Not so we can pose a more learned argument in an attempt to sway the opinion of others or convince them that our love of pantyhose and images portraying pantyhose are moral, but so we can understand and be more accepting of the subtle differences among others within our pantyhose community. 

I find pantyhose in and of themselves to be pornographic because, by the very definition of this term, pantyhose hold a very strong appeal for me.  If you're reading this, then I suppose you might feel the same way.  I don't find pantyhose to be inherently obscene but I admit that I consider some of the images appearing within the Pantyhose Share Club galleries to be obscene.  I am accepting of the differing tastes and opinions of others, so I don't bar this material from appearing on our site, but you've probably noticed that I do protect the general public with warning signs upon initial entry to the site because I realize that not everyone wants to be exposed to this type of material.

Each of us must define for ourselves what is pornographic to us.  For me, that includes nearly any image of a woman or man wearing pantyhose, and this label applies primarily because of the extraordinary obsession that this diaphanous covering holds over me.  I don't find these images objectionable, on the contrary, these images are very pleasing to my eye so I label them artistic.  If viewing pantyhose images causes you to get an erection or otherwise stimulates you sexually, then it is very likely you consider these images pornographic.  Whether or not that same reaction also leads you to believe these images are obscene is a wholly separate matter, motivated more by your perceptions of morality when such feelings stir inside you.

If we are both obsessively drawn to the same image, then that image can clearly be labeled pornographic for both of us.   If you are uncomfortable with the feelings that stir within you as a result of viewing that image, then you likely label the image obscene whereas I call it art.  Regardless of the various labels placed on these images, I am pleased to bring our Pantyhose Share Club community together to celebrate them and I am comfortable both with how they affect you and how you label them.  Be it art or be it obscene, it is all porn and it is all worth celebrating.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pantyhose Acceptance

Sometimes people just don't get you.  Do you ever get that feeling?  Well, if you do, you're not alone.  Even if your interests were more mainstream, you'd still be misunderstood by others from time to time, but you love pantyhose (or at least I assume you do, because you're reading this) and that's just not normal, or is it?

It turns out, the answer to that question depends on the company you keep.  Every community has a tacit set of norms sometimes known as "community standards" and if you're comparing yourself to your neighbors down the street, across town, or across the country, you'll probably find your pantyhose fetish to be outside the norm.  Duh!  That's why it's called a fetish in the first place! 

So you're outside the norm of most community standards, but are you normal?  In other words, is it normal to crave pantyhose in the way that we do? defines "normal" as conforming to the standard, so again if you're comparing yourself to your local community or even the world at large, you're going to feel somewhat out of place.  The fortunate thing for all of us is that we get to choose the community within which we align ourselves.

No, I'm not going to suggest that the Pantyhose Share Club community form a colony or commune to align ourselves and our norms with the community in which we live.  Interesting concept, but that's just not practical.  I'm afraid you'll have to continue living wherever it is that you live and your pantyhose compulsion will continue to seem abnormal when compared to that community and it's norms.  But you can still align yourself with the Pantyhose Share Club community, you are by virtue of being here, and here you'll be accepted despite your globally-abnormal traits because our norm is quite well aligned with a love for pantyhose.

If you feel isolated, an outcast, an oddball, because of your pantyhose addiction, a community of others with similar interests might just be what you need to feel connected. You may not realize it, and I hope you have the opportunity to discover this first-hand, but pantyhose lovers are some of the best people I know.  I can't vouch for all pantyhose enthusiasts, but I live in the world at large and I associate with a smaller circle through the Pantyhose Share Club community and when I compare I find that those within our community exhibit a higher level of caring, compassion, understanding and acceptance.  In other words, higher quality people populate our community when compared to the world at large!  This is all just my opinion, of course, but I've spent many years observing so I'm not forming this opinion based on just a few observations.

It's true, the community within which you live might find your pantyhose obsession to be abnormal, but where you live is likely a circumstance beyond your control (it's where you were born, or where you found work, or where you got stationed, etc.) and there's no need to uproot and relocate to find pantyhose alignment, that place does not appear on any map.  Here you are well aligned, your pantyhose compulsion is accepted and your community norms label you normal.  Yes, we get you even if the world at large doesn't.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.