Saturday, December 3, 2011

Characterizing Pantyhose Consumerism

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Pantyhose lovers are consumers and, just like anyone else, we spend money on the things we love. But as with other addictions, pantyhose addiction can drive us to over spend or sometimes spend more than we can afford.  The aim of this survey is to identify how our community of hose lovers tend to spend on pantyhose-related purchases and whether or not our collective spending is driven by our addiction to out of control proportions.


Total number of respondents = 45

Gender of Respondents

Age of Respondents

The survey results show that the bulk of our spending is on apparel purchases. Pantyhose and other clothing items such as shoes, dresses and skirts to be worn with and to compliment our wearing of pantyhose. The majority of us spend nothing on pantyhose entertainment. The survey results show a small propensity to subscribe to a paid pantyhose website on average about 1-month per year, but overall very little of our spending is directed towards entertainment.
The majority of self-proclaimed pantyhose addicts taking our survey indicated that their pantyhose spending is under control and within their financial means. About 20% of us over spend on pantyhose-related purchases, indicative of our obsessive behavior with repsect to pantyhose in general. A very small number within our community (in this case, only 1 survey respondent) are spending beyond their means to satisfy their pantyhose addiction. Unlike drug and gambling addictions which often lead to financially destructive habits, pantyhose addiction does not seem to exhibit the same destructive tendencies within our community.

Spending Self-Assessment

If you are that one survey respondent or you are reading this and recognize that your spending is out of control and beyond your financial means, we want to help. Please recognize that excessive spending and spending beyond one's means is a sign of a serious and problematic addiction. If you feel you lack the control to reign in excessive spending related to your pantyhose lifestyle, please seek help. You may also reach out to Pantyhose Share Club by visiting our website at Click 'Contact' and we will try to connect you with a qualified financial counselor that will be non-judgemental with regard to your lifestyle choices.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.