Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pantyhose Joy

I've been experiencing a lot of pantyhose joy lately.  The kind of joy that's accompanied by an elated, light-hearted feeling that makes you feel like everything is right with the world.  And, at least for the moment, it appears as though everything is right in my pantyhose world. 

Pantyhose Share Club will soon celebrate it's 1st birthday and I'm now well past 1-year developing the site.  I love how it's turning out and I love how people living the pantyhose lifestyle are finding us in greater numbers every day.  In fact, we recently added our 3000th member!  All this contributes to the joy that I feel when I visit the site and socialize with others that share the same passion that I do.

I don't think of my pantyhose world as being separate or isolated from my real world.  It's an extension of my real life that I choose to keep private from those that know me in-person, but being able to connect and bond with other people sharing this lifestyle has allowed me to feel as though my pantyhose life is more seamlessly integrated with my real life.  Seamlessly integrated, now there's a choice of words, but I choose those words because they provide an apt description of how it feels to have two things I kept apart for so long finally come together so that I feel complete and connected.  Yes, not necessarily where you thought I was going with the word "seamless".

Maybe I'm experiencing this elated joyful feeling because we're having a beautiful summer in Chicago.  Maybe I feel this way because I'm eagerly anticipating good news from a certain potential employer that could offer a great next step in my real-life career (hoping to hear very soon!).  Life is good and there are many reasons to be joyful, but I can't think of any better reason why this feeling is washing over me lately - it's just got to be the convergence of my pantyhose life.  Finally, it's about time!

If you're reading this then you are very likely living a pantyhose lifestyle.  I hope you too can feel connected in mind, body and spirit.  Your real life and your private pantyhose life converged together as one.  If not yet, just give it time.  It's taken me years and I feel as though I'm only beginning to get there.  Pantyhose Share Club turns 1-year old, what a great beginning!

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.



  1. Electricgurl, I'm really happy that you're at such a good place in your life right now! You know I am hoping for the best for you with your new endeavors, and I know something good is going to happen for you.

    I also am at a really great pantyhose point in my life, as I think I finally have full acceptance of my fetish thanks to such an amazing person! I finally feel like I can be comfortable with myself and my love for pantyhose. I know I'll always have support and for that I'm truly grateful!

    Finally, Congrats to you on your 1-year anniversary! I'm glad I am a part of the site for the first year, and look forward to many more years to come!


  2. It's good to know there are others out there that not only love pantyhose as much as I do but also that they struggle bringing their pantyhose world and real worlds together. I'll admit I am not as seemlessly integrated in my two worlds but I truly love your site and look forward to many more years of pantyhose sharing. Thanks much, I look forward to your next Blog

  3. This blog is really nice to understand how others relate to wearing nylons, high heels, lingerie, and so on. Fetishes are preferences not perverse. Wearing a nice pair of silken pantyhose is a nice pastime. What people do at home or wherever is their purrogitive.

  4. Well, doing something a little kinky is not the same as being a bit sexuality or homosexual. It may be atypical, but no one really cares unless it is a matter of really caring about a trifling issue. It may be considered unusual, but if you are simply having fun so what? No big deal. It's not like you are a open dressing drag quenn. A fetishes is not deplorable, just a interesting topic that peaks interest.

  5. Kim, thank you for saying that a fetish is not deplorable. At first my gf was starting to question my sexuality. But when she sees how turned on I get when she has them on.... Everything is perfect in my world now


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