Monday, January 23, 2012

Pantyhose Touch

I'm often asked what is my favorite thing about sex, as if I were some sort of authority on this topic.  I know pantyhose and my entire lifestyle revolves around them, and even though it seems our popular culture identifies with pantyhose more as an erotic undergarment as opposed to a fashion accessory, this does not make me an authority on sex.  Still, once such a question is asked the person asking awaits an answer, and as you might expect, I do have an opinion, so what is my favorite thing about sex? 

The answer is very simple, "touch".  I always assume that this answer is disappointing because I also assume that the person asking would like to hear about some kinky contorted sexual position or that my husband and I integrate pantyhose into our love-making in some unique and extravagant way.  The truth is we're just regular people with regular lives, just like you, and our sex life is also quite regular, which is not to say it is boring or mundane, just regular.  But when I think of what I enjoy most about sex, it's the passion that can erupt with just one touch that really makes my knees weak. 

Have you ever glanced at your partner across a crowded room and observed that knowing look that tells you there will be fireworks tonight?  I know that look, I've seen it many times, but there's still no sure thing until you connect with that first touch.  That's the threshold leading to the promise of a wonderful evening (or morning, or afternoon, as the case may be!).

Wearing pantyhose is an intimate experience because they literally touch every square inch of you from the waist down.  Don't misunderstand where I'm going with this, I'm not trying to say that the "touch" of pantyhose against my skin is anywhere near as exciting as the "touch" of my partner, but given my pantyhose addiction, I do find the touch they provide to be intoxicating.  This is especially true when I'm wearing pantyhose received as an intimate gift, and there is no finer gift to give a pantyhose girl.  The feeling of premium seamless hose wrapped against my feet and taught around the tips of my toes, that's a foot massage all day long.  Ankles and calves enveloped in fine satiny luxury, not to mention knees and thighs, here the tender touch begins to imitate a partner, provided my imagination is running in that direction.  The hugging touch of pantyhose around my waist, hips and between my legs can truly be arousing at times, and a firm grasp of the waistband and pull up motion certainly assures this. 

No, I won't tell you that the touch of pantyhose has the same effect on me that my partner's touch has, but being a lifelong pantyhose addict, it sure does come close.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.