Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn Anxiety

Fall is here and for those of us living the pantyhose lifestyle, it's a time we can rejoice and look forward to the return of leg fashions.  It's truly a beautiful fall we're having in Chicago with warm days and cool nights and the weekend ahead looks to be just perfect.  Within the next week or two our fall color, which isn't quite so robust this year given the dry summer we had, should be at it's peak.

I wish I could say I'm enjoying this fall but as many of you already know, I'll be caught up in a reduction in force (otherwise known as a lay-off) before the end of this year, so I'm working hard right now to find a new job.  My obsessive-compulsive nature, the very thing that endears me to pantyhose and makes me a part of this wonderful community of ours, does not serve me well at times like these.  My anxiety levels rise and fall like a roller coaster and depending on the day I could be feeling quite relaxed and ready to face an uncertain future, or quite uptight and worried about that which I do not know. 

For me, these are pantyhose times.  The comfort I find in pantyhose is similar to a security blanket, a kind of grown-up, big-girl security blanket complete with the ability to walk around without a soul knowing that I need them to help keep me sane.  Another thing that keeps me sane is knowing I have the support of the Pantyhose Share Club community, and though I've not had as much time lately to devote to socializing on our website, the times I've been there I've felt nicely connected and supported by those understanding what it is I'm going through.  To all of you, a very warm THANK YOU from me.

Fall is my favorite season, so it is unfortunate that I can't really enjoy it this year.  I love the warm days and cool nights and I love to see the first frost, which is yet to come to Chicago, when it finally settles on our front lawn.  I'm sure that many of you with a keen eye for pantyhose "sightings" have been enjoying the turn of the season.  I've been too busy to notice, but I know this situation won't last forever.  I truly appreciate the comfort I find in both the pantyhose I so compulsively need and in the company I keep.  Thank you for being a part of our Pantyhose Share Club community.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.