Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pantyhose Mystery

Do you embrace the mystery or are you tormented by it?  If you are compulsively addicted to pantyhose then you know the mystery I am referring to.  We all ask ourselves the question "why am I like this?" and few of us have answers.  We recognize in ourselves that compulsive behavior which sets us apart from the general population, and we now have a place in Pantyhose Share Club where we can congregate and identify with others that also recognize this behavior in themselves.

I'm often asked if I understand the reason why we are like this, and I frequently regret that I don't have any answers.  I've dedicated the past few years to developing the club concept and the web space we now call our "pantyhose home", and I've dedicated a fair portion of my life over the past couple of decades to seeking a deeper understanding of pantyhose addiction within myself and others.  I have learned that an introspective nature is a key characteristic often exhibited by those living the pantyhose lifestyle.  I am grateful for that.  I've also learned that lacking answers, many of our peers turn to drastic measures of abstinence and self denial attempting to rid themselves of behaviors that most, in or out of fetish circles, would label an extremely mild fetish. 

There's nothing wrong with trying to turn your life around; if you smoke - try to quit, if you ignore your children - try to be a better parent, but it is mentally grueling to try and fail.  In my experience, repeatedly trying and failing to abstain from pantyhose is a vicious cycle that many introspective, well-intentioned pantyhose lovers fall into.  The binge and purge merry-go-round - abstinence leading to desire and indulgence leading to guilt - traps many who live this lifestyle.  If only we could understand why we are like this, perhaps we could develop strategies that are more effective?

I've just begun my 5th decade living the pantyhose lifestyle and I still do not have any clue why I am like this.  I have no answers, but I can offer a simple strategy and I believe it is effective.  The old saying goes, hold your friends close and hold your enemies closer.  If you are struggling with your pantyhose lifestyle and tormented by not understanding why you are "different", embracing the mystery can help.  Acceptance of self is a necessary first before we can accept others, and accepting your pantyhose fetish as a part of who you are without knowing why is key to moving into a richer more fulfilling phase of your life.  I know this because I've lived it and I share it with you because I accept you for who you are, complete with all your faults and fetishes.

Embrace the mystery of your pantyhose lifestyle and improve your life in the process!

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.