Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pantyhose Morality

I've had some interesting conversations recently on the topic of morality.  This topic comes up whenever anyone that values my opinion asks me if the manner in which they are behaving is right or wrong.  Clearly one would have to value my opinion to ask such a question, but regardless of the value hanging on my response I refuse to respond.  

The question of personal morality, or more simply put what is right vs. wrong for you as an individual, is a deeply personal thing, and while I can be a very opinionated person I refuse to cast my opinions on others.  I prefer to take a non-judgmental stance deferring judgement to that inner voice that resides within each of us.  

If only society would be so kind.  Societal norms will pick apart your personal morality and throw it back in your face.  In fact, when one person asks another "do you think what I am doing is wrong?", they are really asking for an interpretation relative to societal norms.  The question might better be phrased "do you think what I am doing is wrong in the eyes of most people?".  If you're asked such a question your judgement is clearly valued, but it is your judgement and interpretation of what is socially moral that is at the heart of this inquiry.

Those of us living a pantyhose lifestyle already reside within a fringe segment of society, so society be damned!  Listen to your inner voice and decide for yourself what fits with your own personal morality.  Consider this example.  On the morning after a party where you might have had one too many, did you ever wake up asking yourself "did I offend anyone"?  Alcohol can often loosen inhibitions and our tongues.  Did you say something you shouldn't have?  Your inner voice is doing some fact checking there and your inner voice can help guide you in advance as well. 

Should you wear pantyhose in public?  Let your inner voice check the facts.  How would you feel if noticed by... a coworker, a child, a senior citizen, your mother?  If these situations would make you uncomfortable, then perhaps wearing pantyhose in public doesn't fit well with your personal morality.  What about stealing pantyhose from your neighbor's washing line?  It might feel very exciting while partaking in the act, but how do you feel afterwards?  Do you discard and never want to see those hose again or is it still thrilling to have them?  Do you think the neighbor is complicit in tempting you?  That could certainly stir a thrill, but is she really or do you just hope that she is?  All these questions are for you to consider and decide for yourself whether the activity is right or wrong.

Pantyhose Share Club is a place where you can socialize with others living a similar lifestyle and debate questions of morality and virtually any topic of interest.  We maintain an open and honest environment free of judgement so you can feel comfortable expressing the person you are. 

We accept you because you're one of us, regardless of how skewed your personal morality might be relative to societal norms.  People on the fringe of society don't use societal norms as a yardstick, we create our own personal baseline.

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you soon.